Full Coverage HSE Service

We offer full coverage of Health and Safety services, including a full-time expert at your workplace. The following are just some of the services included in this package:

  • Organizing and monitoring the occupational health and safety activities in the contracted entity
  • Analyzing the potential risks of health and safety at work, including for those job positions that expose employees to special and added risks as well as the compiling of the Risk Assessment Document;
  • Compilation and maintenance of the documentation according to the requirements of Albanian legislation in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • Compilation of the Monthly Report where the Administrator of the company is informed about all the problems and achievements for each month regarding HSE;
  • Occupational Doctor services for the client
  • Assistance for the establishment of the Safety Council at Work according to legal provisions;
  • Monthly inspections regarding the implementation of health and safety rules at work by all individuals, employees of the company or contractors and subcontractors operating in the territory or facilities of the company;
  • Accident investigation;
  • Training courses for current employees or those who will start working in the company, for providing first aid, know about the risks to which they may be exposed as well as for preventive and protective measures needed to be taken;


External consultancy based on the needs of the subjects, both for projects on health and safety at work, as well as on full compliance with the requirements of labor legislation. This consultancy may include all or some of the following services such as:

  1. Risk Assessment Document
  2. Compilation and completion of the required documentation as required by the State Labor Inspectors in case of an inspection
  3. Providing the services of the Occupational Doctor
  4. Equipping with Health and Safety Policies and Regulations / Personalised Health and Safety Management Systems
  5. Accident investigation
  6. Consultancy Services regarding the Fire Protection and First Aid
Fire Protection

Fire protection system through the drafting and preparation of documentation of technical projects, for Fire Protection and for Evacuation / Rescue. Also, the drafting of "Act-expertise" for fires and the creation of training plans both in theory and in practice, including the use of fire extinguishing systems that companies have. Informing employees about fire protection and evacuation as well as drafting the internal regulations for fire protection. The practice of detection-signaling systems, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, wearing a fireproof suit, etc. Preparation of evacuation schemes and evacuation of buildings, saving lives in case of fires and other emergencies. Keeping the minutes and all the necessary documentation for the training conducted according to the law and the certification of the persons who complete the courses on fire protection and evacuation.