Full Coverage HSE Service

We offer full coverage of Health and Safety Services for our clients, including a full-time expert at your workplace. Some services included in this package are:

Organization and Monitoring of health and safety activity in the contracted entity; Carrying out risk assessment for safety and health at work, including those job positions that expose employees to special and added risks and compiling the risk assessment and prevention document for the enterprise or activity but also according to the specific conditions of each job ; Compilation and maintenance of documentation according to the requirements of Albanian legislation in the field of occupational safety and health; Compilation of the Periodic Monthly Report where the Administrator of the company is informed about all the problems and achievements for each month in this field; Client coverage with Doctor Enterprise; Assistance for the establishment of the Occupational Safety Council according to legal provisions; Cooperation with company executives to take occupational safety and health measures in accordance with work processes; Periodic control / inspection for the state of protection measures at work and the implementation of occupational safety and health rules by all persons, company employees or contractors and subcontractors operating in the territory or facilities of the company; Drafting in cooperation with the administration of the subject of general regulations for safety and health at work; Training courses for current employees or those who will start working in the company, for providing first aid, the risks to which they may be exposed as well as for preventive and protective measures to be taken; Identification and control over hazardous substances and substances that are in storage or released from technological processes as well as cooperation with specialized services for repair, maintenance, replacement of protective equipment against them and neutralization of hazardous substances; Tracking and analyzing data related to accidents at work and occupational diseases and issuing reports according to legal deadlines for the needs of the client;


External consultancy based on the needs of the subjects, both for projects on health and safety at work, as well as on full compliance with the requirements of labor legislation. This consultancy may include all or some of the following services such as:

  1. Risk Assessment Document
  2. Compilation and completion of the required documentation as required by the State Labor Inspectors in case of an inspection
  3. Providing the services of the Occupational Doctor
  4. Equipping with Health and Safety Policies and Regulations / Personalised Health and Safety Management Systems
  5. Accident investigation
  6. Consultancy Services regarding the Fire Protection and First Aid
Fire Protection

Fire protection through the drafting and preparation of documentation of technical projects, for Fire Protection and for Evacuation / Rescue. Also, the drafting of "Act-expertise" for fires and the creation of training plans both in theory and in practice, including the use of fire extinguishing systems that companies have. Informing employees about fire protection and evacuation as well as drafting and drafting internal regulations for fire protection. Practice of detection-signaling systems, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, wearing fireproof suit, etc. Preparation of evacuation schemes and evacuation of buildings, saving lives in case of fires and other emergencies. Keeping the minutes and all the necessary documentation for the training conducted according to the law and the certification of the persons who complete the courses of fire protection and evacuation.

The Environment

Benefit from an environmental management system

Having policies and regulations for managing or resolving issues related to environmental issues, ranging from air and water pollution to the protection of the rare species, you can see the difference in how your staff handles these issues.

At PRSP Health and Safety Solution, we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and in an increasingly competitive market, suppliers/businesses are now expected to have environmental policies as a minimum requirement. Those companies that do not have environmental policies are finding themselves left behind. This is not just because it looks good considering the environment - but it is increasingly becoming a matter of survival. The fastest and most effective way to engage and commit to the environment is to implement an environmental management system. If you want to do this and are wondering where to start then only PRSP Health and Safety Solutions, through the provision of environmental consulting service by our experts will be your right choice.

For real success, stability must be more than a parenthesis. Working with us and our experienced consultants we can ensure you that environmental care is fully integrated into your systems - and also gain additional benefits in the process. These benefits are to help you enforce legislation, become more efficient and productive, adapt to future changes, and ultimately win and keep more businesses.


Solutions designed only for you - full implementation and compliance with employment legislation- reduce your costs and stress

At PRSP Health and Safety Solutions, our legal consultants with huge experience in the field of employment legislation understand the legal and practical issues you face as a manager and most importantly, how to resolve them - quickly, responsibly, and cost-effectively. We know that dealing with employment legal issues can be a challenging, stressful, and time-consuming task - and making the wrong decisions cost a lot.

A mistake such as an overdue contract, a mismanaged disciplinary case, or any other dispute with your employees can leave you unprotected in litigation with allegations of discrimination or unfair dismissal, which often result in losing a large amount of money, while at the same time ruins the reputation of your company.

Case Management in an effective way

Most of the businesses do not have the resources to manage employment issues effectively in the company and our friendly employment and Human Resources legislation consultants can provide you full services on managing employee relations and case management as well as ensuring full compliance with employment legislation or can work in an ad hoc manner by supporting your company team. Our highly qualified consultants can help protect your business from costly disputes with their practical, supportive advice, ensuring that you remain in full compliance with Albanian labor legislation. Having our Consultant dedicated just for you, just a phone call away is a very cost-effective way to get expert advice when you need it.

No matter how big or small is your business

Human Resources and law specialists can also help if you have a human resources team that requires additional support for a difficult situation or if you are a small business seeking help to comply with the law. To help smaller businesses, we have created the Secure Employment 1-10 package, which is a comprehensive Fixed Fee and HR service package designed for companies with 1 to 10 employees in order to manage effectively their HR processes by ensuring that they are in line with the implementation of labor legislation. We also offer a service specifically designed for businesses that have between 11 and 50 employees.

Our consultants have a deep knowledge of best practices and employment legislation, based on many years of experience both in Albania and in the United Kingdom. Whatever the case, we are here to offer advice and solutions, a dedicated consultant, accountable, and not a call-center agent, helping you make informed choices while being consistent with complete with the requirements of the law.

Training Courses

Training by experts for Health & Safety and Environmental Management

PRSP” Health and Safety Solutions is the largest Albanian-based provider of occupational health & safety and environmental management training. If you are an individual looking for professional training to further your career in the Health and Safety field or, a company that requires cost-effective HSE training for your staff, we have what you need. Poorly trained staff is a risk to your business. Reduce the cost of accidents or occupational diseases by ensuring that your staff knows how to work safely. Improve productivity by ensuring that your managers can manage people effectively and safely. If you don’t know where to start, look for one of our consultants to guide you. They can help develop a business matrix that will allow you to prioritize your training needs. Our consultants have a wide range of experience in many sectors, allowing them to discuss real-life situations with appropriate solutions.

An effective training:Team of experts - High Quality Teaching Materials - Excellence in Customer Service. All these, We proudly offer to our customers.

Choosing the best learning method that fits your needs

Deciding which learning method best suits your needs, you need to consider key factors such as; location, time and price as well as your personal learning preferences.

PRSP offer :

  • Classroom -interactive classroom delivery by “PRSP”’s experts. Courses are available at our office and/or delivered at your company
  • Blended Learning – Structured course combining classroom training delivered by our expert trainers, and flexible online training.
  • In-Company Training – High-quality training delivered at your venue through our classroom training and/or blended learning methods.

PRSP certified training courses

  • Safety Coordinator Professional Course
  • Professional Course for the Person Responsible for HSE at Work.
  • The identification and subsequent compilation of HSE Procedures and Safe Systems of Work including the Safety Council at Work.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Course – Professional Course for the storage and use of PPE at the Workplace.
  • First-Aid Course – Professional Course for the First-Aid Team Employees in the Workplace.
  • Training in Identification of Workplace Hazards and Compilation of the Risk Assessment Documents.
  • Training in Workplace Hazard Spotting/Identification.
  • Training on Fire Safety and the Compilation of the Evacuation Plan.