About US

PRSP Health and Safety Solutions is a consulting company specializing in Occupational Health & Safety, HSE Training Provision, Fire Protection & Environment, Human Resources & Employment Legislation.

We listen to you attentively, help you solve your problems, and provide appropriate and practical solutions to all issues related to your Health and Safety, Employment Law, and Environmental requirements. We are proud of the high- level services we offer.

Our Vision: We aspire to set the highest standards in the field of Occupational Health and Safety by working in close partnership with our clients.

Our Mission : is to provide customers with high-quality professional services and at the same time to build long-term relationships with them. We are committed to making our partners aware of the risks and willing to work in a way that protects human health, dignity, and the environment..

A group of specialists such as engineers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, human resources, diplomats with work experience to be considered in the United Kingdom and Albania. They are industry specialists and market leaders and have used in providing a high quality professional service and in long term construction. Our purpose is to offer a sufficient ans supportive service

The consultancy services and training we provide are focused on the client's needs and we work hard to improve the services we provide. We are the solution to a range of issues related to Health and Safety including Fire Protection, First Aid, Labor Legislation or the completion of all documentation within the implementation of this legislation as well as any activity related to Human Resource Management, in all types of private activities through the dedicated work of our experts, by giving a chance to our clients to be safer in their workplaces. We inform and train all employees about the risks at workplaces, as well as the preventive measures to avoid accidents, fires, occupational diseases, in accordance with current laws and regulations.

The value of PRSP Health and Safety Solutions is that through the professional and standardized services it offers to its clients, it impacts the creation of safe environments in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Our Values


  • We work based on our ethical obligation to protect people and the environment.
  • We strive to be honest, fair, and consistent in providing our services.

Quality Services

  • We serve as expert consultants in providing quality services, easy to understand and use at the right time.
  • High-quality service, easy to use and understand at the right time
  • We continuously improve our services and processes through innovative solutions for all the services we provide.


  • We promote security as everyone's responsibility.
  • We own and encourage positive outlook.
  • We maintain a strong work ethic by keeping our word and taking responsibility for our work and actions.
  • Small things matter to us.


  • We Inspire collaboration and cooperation
  • We encourage and support the professional growth of all our employees


We are open to everyone's ideas and thoughts thoughts. We understand the needs and situations of others. We treat all individuals equally, professionally, and with courtesy, dignity, and respect.