NEBOSH Certificates are essential qualifications for anyone working in or looking to work in Health and Safety and/or Environmental Management (HSE) or have significant HSE responsibilities as part of a wider role.

PRSP, as the partner of RRC, offers all the qualifications of the NEBOSH Certificate .
Training Course available online and live online in Albania and Kosovo
NEBOSH Certificates  are the most widely recognized qualifications in the Occupational Health and Safety sectors around the world.

Choose the nga NEBOSH Certificate that best suits your needs.

When people refer to "The International NEBOSH Certificate"Certifikatës Ndërkombëtare NEBOSH/The International NEBOSH Certificatethey normally mean the NEBOSH General Certificate which for the majority of people is the most appropriate NEBOSH Certificate, as well as being the most popular safety qualification in the world. Certifikata e Përgjithshme Ndërkombëtare NEBOSH / NEBOSH International General Certificate e cila është më e njohura dhe e përshtatshmja për shumicën e njerzve.

  • NEBOSH General Certificates (IGC & NGC) NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate NEBOSH are each made up of two units.
  • NEBOSH Construction and Fire Certificates are each made up of three units. They each share a common unit (NG1 for National, IG1 for International) which covers the Management of Safety.
  • NEBOSH HSE Certificate for Environmental Management is a stand alone qualifications providing solid introductions to environmental management.
  • The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management NEBOSH HSE Certificate HSE HSE Certificate in Leadership Excellence and Oil and Gas Certificate Lidershipin, Certifikata Ndërkombëtare NEBOSH HSE në Hetimin e Aksidenteve dhe Certifikata Teknike Ndërkombëtare NEBOSH mbi Sigurinë dhe Shëndetin në Industrinë e Naftës dhe Gazit are technical qualifications and assume knowledge of safety, so if you are new to safety you should consider the NEBOSH General Certificate first
NEBOSH General Certificates (IGC & NGC) NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate NEBOSH NEBOSH International Fire Certificate NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate
për Zjarrin
NEBOSH International Construction Certificate
në Industrinë e Ndërtimit
Certifikata Teknike
NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate
NEBOSH mbi Sigurinë në Industrinë e Naftës dhe Gazit
Online - 110 hoursOnline - 120 hours
Top Up - 60 hours
Online - 165 hours
Top Up - 105 hours
Online - 55 hours




NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety ManagementNEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health & Safety Leadership ExcellenceNEBOSH Certificate in Environmental ManagementNEBOSH HSE International Certificate in Accident Investigation
Online – 48 orë Online - 15 hours Online - 70 hours Online – 10 orë